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Federal Onshore Oil & Gas Pooling & Unitization - part 1
(Oct 2014)


Michael (Mickey) L. Coulthard
U.S Bureau of Land Management, Utah State Office
Salt Lake City, Utah

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MICHAEL L. (MICKEY) COULTHARD is a Petroleum Engineer with the Bureau of Land Management's Utah State Office Reservoir Management Group located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mickey has 30 years' experience (3 in Wyoming and 27 in Utah) regarding the administration and approval procedures for Federal Unit Agreements.

Unit Participating Areas: Utah State Office

Utah State Office

Federal Unit Agreements are subject to the General Siting Rule for Vertical Wells unless vacated by the Utah Board of Oil, Gas and Mining

In the absence of special orders of the board establishing drilling units or authorizing different well density or location patterns for particular pools or parts thereof, each oil and gas well shall be located in the center of a 40 acre quarter-quarter section, or a substantially equivalent lot or tract or combination of lots or tracts as shown by the most recent governmental survey, with a tolerance of 200 feet in any direction from the center location, a "window" 400 feet square.

1.1.No oil or gas well shall be drilled less than 920 feet from any other well drilling to or capable of producing oil or gas from the same pool.

1.2. No oil or gas well shall be completed in a known pool unless it is located more than 920 feet from any other well completed in and capable of producing oil or gas from the same pool.

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Federal Units are NOT exempt from State Spacing

Existing Spacing Unit in a Unit Area must be:

1. Vacated by the Utah Board of Oil Gas and Mining

2. Honored as establishing correlative rights under State Law

We have approved a wide variety of methods for constructing PAs

Circle Tangent

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Gilsonite Draw Unit - Vantage Energy

Initial Green River Formation Participating Area "A"

Approved December 13, 2013

320 Acre Circle - Radius 2106 Feet on Bottom Hole Location

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Middle Mesa Unit - Honaker Trail PA

4th Revision Approved 12/13/2013

PA Based on Geologic Inference and Drainage Calculations

[Page 6B-5]

PAs Based on Spacing Units of Similar Geology and Reservoir Conditions

Chapita Wells 80 Acre Lay Downs

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Drunkards Wash Unit 160 Acre Subdivisions

Prickly Pear Unit - 160 Acre Subdivisions

Well Density 20 Acres

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