Unidentified Corpses: development of management model in charity organizations of Chinese-Thai people.

Author:Pholpanga, Orasa


From the past until now, there are many of old traditions and cultures that has been created from history and environment caused by religions, believes and traditions. This means human choose to have their behaviors according to good and desirable values of most people. These behaviors has been inherited and continually conducted as believes that related to mysterious supernatural. It has been happened in all societies as a foundation of believes until now. Believes in mysterious supernatural has been occurred in many societies that have similar believes about ghosts and spirits. The reason is human exists among nature. Whatever these believe come from, when people believe they will express both of their words and manners. In the Southeast Asia, Thailand is a country consisted of various ethnic groups and each of them has its own culture (Chaiyatorn et al., 2010).

Chinese is an ethnic group that migrated from China to settle down in Thailand. China had many of disaster and political conflicts that forced some Chinese for more coming in Thailand. Chinese in Thailand is an ethnic group that migrated from south and southeast region of People's Republic of China. Chinese culture has been direct spread out in Thai society from these immigrants. They persist in their customs and firmly practice in accordance with their former believes as well as inherit from generation to generation until now (Khozaei et al., 2010). Many of believes influence in their daily lives about gods. Chinese has believes about sacrifice to their ancestors, we always see their sacrifice ceremonies many times of a year. Definition of death is complicated and different in each social that indicates differences of thinking system and meaning of death in the same culture.

Chinese applied their own resources to establish organizations for helping or relieving follows who migrated to Thailand. Most of them worked as labors and earned low income, only few of them succeeded and became rich man. Chiew Ling, a leader of oversea Chinese, was a millionaire who donated his money to construct a hospital for Chinese with free of charge treatment. He also donated to charity organizations for cremation of unidentified corpses. A famous charity aid association in Bangkok is Sung Tung or Ruamkatanyu Foundation.

Charity organizations preserved corpses in cemeteries while unidentified corpses were buried and left for long time in deserted areas. This was a reason for graveyard big cleaning to send their spirits to heaven by correct religious ceremony according to inherited believes of Chinese -Thai people. Nowadays, there are many of Chinese associations or charity organizations that had been established for social services as donation for the poor, disaster mitigation and rescue. These activities were purpose of oversea Chinese' ancestors for establishing Chinese-Thai people charity organizations.


Collection of data: This study was a research and development by using processes of qualitative research. Population and samples were operators in charity organizations and general people, who participated in activities of Chinese-Thai people charity organizations, in 3 provinces as Nakhon Ratchasima, Nakhon Nayok and Chon Buri. These samples were obtained by purposive sampling method, one organization for each province. Samples in this research were 114 persons consisted of 15 key informants, 69 casual informants and 30 general informants. Surveying, interviewing, observation, focus group discussion, workshop and field data collecting were used as research tools.

Analyzing and Interpreting of the data: Data were collected, validated and classified by the researchers before analyzing with methodological triangulation. Firstly; data collection, synthesis and analysis was simultaneously conducted over research duration and after finishing of field data collection. Data were tested by validity, reliability and triangulation. Finally, Data classification and comparison were used to make a conclusion.


Management on unidentified corpses in charity organizations of Chinese -Thai people had its origin from immigration to new countries of Chinese people. Unfamiliarity made them feel unsafe, so they turned to rely on gods and sacred things as their mental supporter and this caused Chinese preferred to sacrifice gods for their...

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