Under the Moon & Over the Sea: a Collection of Caribbean Poems.

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edited by John Agard and Grace Nichols illustrated by Cathie Felstead, Jane Ray, Christopher Corr, Satoshi Kitamura, and Sara Fanelli Candlewick Press, January 2002 $17.99, ISBN 0-763-61861-6

This lush volume of poetry for kids ages six and up is a wonder of extremes. The poems dip into the joys and sorrows of Caribbean life and everything in between. The voices are as a varied in tone as the project itself. Over 30 poets write about their culture in more than 50 poems.

The book, divided into five sections, explores nature, the sea, food, spooky nighttime tales and immigration. Every section is illustrated by one of five artists. Each breathes life into the poems with playful and vibrant paintings that capture the mood and lyricism of the poetry.

Children's imaginations will take off while reading Under the Moon & Over the Sea. They will be transported to the islands as they read poems about dolphins, the beauty of turquoise...

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