UNCOVERING THE PROCESS OF BOARD GROWTH: From Antonio Garza, Former Ambassador to Mexico and Board Director at Kansas City Southern.

Latino Leaders: In your experience, what are the main factors that are considered when recruiting a Latino/a Board Director?

Antonio Garza: You know, there's been a tendency to look at current CEO's for the boardroom and, while that's a very important set of skills to have at the table, it does limit your pool when looking for more diverse candidates. What I've been seeing is an openness to candidates whose experiences may be, as in my case, in government, and others whose backgrounds are in academia, entrepreneurship or the military. When you cast more widely with Latinos in mind, you'd be surprised at the amazing people out there, many of which bring a perspective and a way of looking at the marketplace that your company was lacking and will benefit from having.

LL: What needs to be done to make Boards more diverse and inclusive?

AG: More than anything else, the company and board need to have a commitment to diversity in the boardroom and a nominating and governance committee chairperson willing to show leadership on the issue. Truth is, there are plenty of good Latino candidates in the marketplace, but if directors limit themselves to who they know, there's a high likelihood they'll find someone that looks a lot like the boardroom they already...

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