Uncovering Hidden Gems: Discover veterans who can apply their unique skillset to your franchise.

Author:Bevis, Jeff

More than 100,000 veterans are expected to come out of the armed forces over the next three years, creating tremendous needs and growing opportunities to assist and serve them and their spouses. Employment and ownership opportunities are surfacing around the franchising world.

Although veterans historically provide a source for franchise candidates, 2018 through 2020 projections promise an unprecedented number of military veterans returning to the U.S. in search of new career paths that may well help franchisors and franchisees bear a tough labor market. Is your brand in search of proven, experienced leaders who are well trained to follow a system and execute with high consistency and performance? Consider veterans and their spouses in your search! They represent the hidden gems of the workforce.

With tightening labor markets, returning veterans pose an often-overlooked and diverse source of new employees for both franchisees and franchisors.

In addition, the spouses of returning veterans often re-enter the labor market for a long-term opportunity --now that their military moves are over, or as they make that one last relocation to different city where decided to permanently settle. Potential employees with a strong work ethic, resiliency, the ability to adapt to changing environments and the core philosophy "to serve" characterize most returning veterans. Are these key characteristics that appeal to the growth and continued success of your brand?

Leveraging this growing pool of potential employees could provide a whole new dimension to your fforts to find and retain top talent for your franchise brand. your employment needs are related to needs at the franchisor management level or for the growth...

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