Uncovering Africa's riches.

Author:Fox-Alston, Jeanne
Position:Faces of Africa: Thirty Years of Photography - Brief Article - Book Review

Faces of Africa: Thirty Years of Photography by Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher National Geographic September 2004 $35., ISBN 0-792-26830-X

Great photography often is revelatory, and such is tire case with Faces of Africa by photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher. Stunningly beautiful--poetic even--the book, their eighth, is a compilation of 30 years worth of photographs of traditional African life and culture in more than 36 countries. During the course of their travels, frequently to remote and largely inaccessible areas, Beckwith and Fisher spent time with more than 150 tribes and cultures, including the Dogon in Mall, the Wodaabe in Niger, the Himba in Namibia, and the Masai in Kenya.

Whereas some may associate Africa with devastation and illness, it's clear right from the start of the book that the continent the photographers have spent the better part of their professional lives exploring is a rich place. Africans' wealth and inheritance emanates from the traditions, rituals and beliefs that honor the past and give structure and meaning to the present

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