Ultra-orthodox voting.

Author:Walk, Gary
Position::LETTERS - Letter to the editor

Haredi Civics Lesson

Shmarya Rosenberg's column ("Why the Ultra-Orthodox Vote Republican," November/December 2011), progresses from patronizing ("many graduates [of Haredi schools] have little grasp of how our democracy works") to off-the-wall ("[i]t is almost as if Haredim possess a different Torah from the rest of us, one that is missing every other sentence, and a Tanakh that is missing most of the Prophets") to insulting (their Judaism "owes as much to Rush Limbaugh as it does to the rabbinic sages"). Say what you will about the Haredim, but one thing you can be sure of is that they know their Torah, and it's not at all surprising that they find support in it for the two views that Rosenberg finds so offensive--social conservatism and hawk-ishness on defense and Israel.

Rosenberg ignores the fact that many Jews who are not Haredi are also politically conservative and have found their views better...

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