UGS Tecnomatix 8--improving manufacturing predictability.

Position:Product spotlight - Brief article

UGS Tecnomatix 8 includes several significant enhancements focused on helping improve manufacturing predictability and quality by better anticipating potential shop floor issues originating in product and/or process design. Enhancements fall into two major categories--strengthening its PLM integration and the introduction of a next generation process planning and simulation capability. The result is enhanced predictability from product development to the shop floor, enabling companies to improve the manufacturability of product designs and to design robust, reliable, and optimized manufacturing processes.

UGS Tecnomatix 8, continues to enhance the level of integration between UGS' suite of digital manufacturing solutions and UGS Teamcenter. This integration provides a proven, scalable foundation that serves as a digital backbone for manufacturing and all other product lifecycle processes. Building on previous versions, UGS Tecnomatix 8 is the first release to support general assembly workflow within native UGS Teamcenter, providing an...

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