The UEI Group recently unveiled its new world headquarters, located at 9000 Nieman Road, Overland Park, KS, USA. To commemorate, the UEI Group held an opening ceremony for its employees and local officials, which concluded with a ribbon-cutting by Glenn and Sue Hutchison, the chairman of the Board and his wife.

Glenn Hutchison established the UEI Group companies with one company in 1971. Since then, the UEI family of companies has grown from a single company and a few employees to multiple companies in various locations.

The new UEI Group world headquarters facility was completed in advance of the 50-year anniversary of the original UEI company, Universal Lustre Leaf. Selecting the right facility and location was paramount. The ideal facility chosen for the UEI Group world headquarters was a former Sears building. The vision behind this new facility was a culmination of years of planning from concept to completion.

With the continued growth and expansion of the UEI Group companies (Universal Engraving, Inc., UEI Systems, UEI Falcontec and Infinity Foils, Inc.), it became important to have a separate UEI Group facility dedicated to the advancement and betterment of all UEI Group companies. Under the guidance of an executive team, the new UEI Group headquarters staff can better coordinate the global needs of all UEI businesses...

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