A UAW for the 21st century: the 21st century UAW wants to play a constructive, positive role in the industry.

Author:King, Bob

The UAW of the 21st century must be fundamentally and radically different from the UAW of the 20th century.

Globalization has permanently altered the context in which companies and unions operate. We recognize the intense pressure on employers from global competition, and the UAW is committed to flexibility and innovation in order to support the success of our employers.

The UAW of the 21st century embraces a shared responsibility to produce the highest quality products. Quality, safety and concern for the environment are now UAW priorities. We know that the only true path to job security is to produce the best quality product at the best price.

The UAW of the 21st century is forging relationships with Chrysler Group LLC, General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. that embrace openness, collaboration and creative problem solving. We have built a foundation of respect, shared goals and a common mission. We have discarded the rigid demarcation between management and labor.

The UAW of the 20th century had a mindset that it was the company's responsibility to make profits, and the union's sole job was to get workers their fair share. They developed an adversarial, mistrustful relationship with employers, embodied in lengthy and complicated contracts. Work rules and narrow job classifications hampered flexibility, hindered the full use of our members' talents, and promoted a litigious grievance culture.


The 21st century UAW wants to play a constructive, positive role in the industry.

The UAW welcomes the foreign-owned auto companies operating in the United States. They play an important role in preserving, maintaining and growing our manufacturing base.

We admire many of the policies and practices of these corporations, but we insist that transnational auto companies...

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