U.S. Air Travel Regulated By The Regulated.

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Here's an indication of what happens when the controlling government agency is reportedly run by the controlled.

Despite two deadly crashes and numerous reports from pilots that the Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft wasn't safe to fly, especially during takeoffs, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) would not order the planes grounded until Canada disallowed them from coming into their air space. Canada acted after 45 other countries banned the controversial plane, including China, the E.U., and Australia.

Now, why would the FAA, which is required by law to safeguard passengers, put them at risk? One possible answer could come from Daniel K. Elwell, acting FAA administrator, who was also once VP of the Aerospace Industry Association, Boeing's trade association.

Concluded Wall Street On Parade, a financial news site: "All of this is proving, once again, that deregulation and crony regulators are not good for business, but instead, undermine the public's confidence that is vital to sustaining America's competitive edge."

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