U.S. prison population up by nearly 50,000.

Author:St. Gerard, Vanessa
Position::National News Briefs - Brief Article

The nation's prisons and jails held 2,131,180 inmates on June 30, 2004, an increase of 48,452 between midyear 2003 and midyear 2004, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Two-thirds of the population was in federal and state prisons, and the other third was in local jails.

Jail inmates grew by 3.3 percent, state prison inmates by 1.3 percent and federal inmates by 6.3 percent. On June 30, 2004, there were an estimated 726 people per 100,000 U.S. residents in prison or jail.

Between June 30, 2003, and June 30, 2004, the number of female inmates increased 2.9 percent to reach 103,310. At the same time, male inmates increased 2 percent to reach 1,390,906. Overall, including inmates in prison and jail, men...

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