U.K. groups now go to NATPE for Latin, European TV Business.

Author:Marlow, Jane


NATPE has been a familiar fixture on the TV distribution calendar for 37 years, but the TV industry has changed, and so has the event. Originally designed to serve the U.S. syndication market, NATPE has evolved in its Miami location into an event with a heavy Latin American focus, and it's attracting more and more European and U.K. distribution outfits.

NATPE COO JP Bommel said: "In the year before we moved to Miami, we had 22 European exhibitors and, as of last year, we had 120 exhibitors from Europe. We're looking at 30 from the U.K. alone, in 2017."

Attracting more European-based exhibitors and attendees to the conference is part of Bommel's strategy and he said the event is gaining more traction due to the conference element, including master classes, networking opportunities and keynote talks. Europe now makes up 18 percent of the TV trade show.

The event attracts key U.K. players--ITV, Endemol Shine, Sky Vision, All3Media International and Zodiak to name a few. This year DCD Rights, TCB Media Rights and Content Media have also signed up. This is also because U.K. product is becoming more competitive. Since Brexit, British companies can sell content for a lower dollar amount and still receive the same amount of pounds. For example, 10,000 [pounds sterling] per hour now can be sold for U.S. $11,400 (in comparison to $16,000 in pre-Brexit times.) Sabrina Ayala, Cineflix Rights' svp of Sales France, Italy, Iberia and Latin America, is a regular attendee. She said it's always been a go-to market for the Americas --both the U.S. and Latin America. Cineflix is London-based and Ayala said: "We're not necessarily going to open an office in Miami, so we depend on something like NATPE that gives us the opportunity to focus on Latin America."

Ayala added that it's a good place for relationship building as the atmosphere is more relaxed than markets like MIPCOM and MIP-TV. "It's at the beginning of the calendar year so it sets the tone," she continued. "It's about catching up with people --where your business is, what are the goals for the future. The Latin American focus has given extra impetus to build the relationships in those territories."

But it's not only useful for people who don't have a permanent presence in the region. In fact, Veronique Verges, svp, Latin America & U.S. Hispanic at Endemol Shine International, said that in the last six years the company has reinforced its presence in the U.S. Hispanic and LATAM region...

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