Twitter writing: tips for messaging in 140.

Author:Heffes, Ellen M.
Position:SOCIAL MEDIA - Editorial

1 TITLES GET LOST IN TRANSLATION. Long, fluffy titles just don't work. The title's goal is to say what the piece of content is and why people should consume it--all while leaving room for Twitter followers to add their own commentary. On Twitter, any search engine optimization (SEO) lift comes from the title in the link--not in the tweet text, so you can always create a shorter, Twitter-friendly version.


2 GOOD [TWITTERERS] BORROW, BUT GREAT [TWITTERERS] STEAL. "7) Tweets that ring of familiarity tend to resonate in re-tweets and mentions. Wrapping a piece of content in a pop culture reference, a famous quote, a hit song or anything that triggers a positive association can give a tweet a whole new level of impact. Be careful though, the greatness comes in making the tweet your own--not simply copying, pasting and praying that it works.

3 BE TIMELY. There is a disproportionate advantage on social media channels for early responders and nowhere is it more apparent than on Twitter. Remember, this is for a real-time audience. The message needs to fit followers' interests at that moment. By hitting the right rhythm, one can tweet their way into online conversations, but hesitating too long may cause the entire message to be...

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