Twin delivery: nurses ruled not at fault.

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The patient was admitted to the hospital by her obstetrician.

An ultrasound at the hospital revealed that she was carrying twins, one in a normal vertex position, the other in an inverted breech position.

The obstetrician, assisted by two hospital labor and delivery nurses, delivered the normally-positioned vertex baby relatively quickly and without complications.

With the second baby, however, things did not go smoothly. The doctor deemed it necessary to go ahead with external version, that is, he had both nurses push on the abdomen while he also pushed with one hand and reached in with the other to reorient the baby head-first.

The monitors had to be removed because they were in the way. The mother complained vigorously that the procedure was very painful and insisted they stop and do a cesarean.

The second baby was born with water filling both brain hemispheres. He lived in a vegetative state until he died at age six.

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