Twig trivets: Joti Marra shows that twigs and twine can make a creative place to set an herbal brew.

AuthorMarra, Joti
PositionNew life journal's GREEN HOME RESOURCE: HANDS ON

The weather is getting nicer, so what better time for a project that asks you to head outside and explore your surroundings! To create these trivets, all you have to do is gather up twigs that have fallen throughout the winter months (accidental yard maintenance a plus!). Then, it only takes a bit of twine and patience to create a modern convenience that livens up the dinner table and looks good doing it. With a few tiny tweaks to the project, you can even make placemats and coasters to suit your needs. Or, stick to the plan and create a chic trivet for your teapot, cooking pots and casserole dishes. You can even experiment by using bamboo or colored twine. The possibilities are limitless!


Materials: a collection of thick, relatively straight twigs, twine, scissors, measuring tape and pruning sheers


Head outside and gather twigs. Step out your hack door or use this an excuse to go for a walk or hike. Either way, it should be easy to gather a pile of useable twigs in no time. Keep your eye out fur twigs of a similar size. Err on the side of too many; then, you'll have your pick of the best, straightest ones and won't risk running short. Then prune the extra little twigs that are poking off so that you're left with a long, straight twig. Give them all a good wipe with a sponge to remove any dirt!


Place the twigs, like puzzle pieces, into an appealing arrangement. Have fun with this part, but keep in mind that the more even the placement the sturdier the trivet will be!


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