AuthorGolosinskiy, Dmitriy

Food law is a vast area of law with far-reaching impacts on the everyday lives of consumers, businesses and industries, and the environment. This year, Lewis & Clark Law School hosted its 16th annual symposium, intending to promote discussion on a variety of issues relating to food law. Many of the nation's experts in areas related to food law participated in the symposium, as well as practitioners who offered a unique perspective on practical issues related to food law litigation. Congressman Earl Blumenauer also joined the symposium to offer remarks on issues pertaining to the United States farm bill. The symposium focused on important food law and policy issues including food labeling and food production. In addition, many prominent scholars wrote essays or articles for publication in this 2017 symposium edition of Environmental Law. The articles represent some of the ideas presented and discussed at the symposium.

Professor Laurie Beyranevand examines issues arising from inherently subjective food labeling claims. The essay suggests that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) should ban food labels that are not supported by significant scientific agreement. As an alternative, the essay suggests that FDA require curative disclaimers, such as those required for qualified health claims unsupported by significant scientific agreement. Professor Robin Craig discusses federalism conflicts in genetically-engineered food labeling requirements. The article explores voids existing in food labeling requirements and evaluates Congress's recent attempt to address such voids. Professor Rebecca Bratspies explains how consolidation by large agricultural corporations carries a negative impact on consumer choice, food security, and sustainability. The article discusses three ag-biotech mergers and considers the regulatory concerns related to the mergers as well as potential negative impacts on public welfare.

Professor Sidney Shapiro's essay discusses risk exposure to the public from use of antibiotics in animal production. The essay discusses the importance of using federal regulation to protect the public from antibiotic-resistant bacterial infections, as well as the civil justice...

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