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Officially, the six days of the Roma Fiction Fest began July 7, but it was the RaiTrade reception on July 9--which introduced pitching sessions--that in effect kicked oft the event. The festival was touted as "The market of ideas for TV dramas," and was held at the Cinema Adriano's facilities, with free screenings for the public.

With a welcoming cocktail at the Visconti Palace Hotel, RaiTrade, RAI's Sales division, and the official sponsor of the event, opened the second annual Rome festival for television drama, which, in the words of Italian daily Il Messaggero, was "a creation of Piero Marrazzo, the leftist governor of the Lazio Region."

Indeed, the Rome TV Fest is still a "product" that is more political than industrial. Costing 7.5 Million cure, it was divided between the Lazio Region (four million euro) and Rome County, which are both run by center-left political parties. The municipality of Rome, now with a center-right administration, participated with a symbolic contribution.

Even though this year's "Fest" only became a reality at the last minute, there has already been talk of next year's edition, with the idea of expanding it with a mini-Fair called "Business Street" in the hopes of recreating what Italy lost with the closing of Milan trade show MIFED. The concept of "Business Street" is borrowed from vet another Roman festival with political undertones, Roma Film Fest, which will be held October 22. The connection...

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