TURNING A PASSION INTO A FRANCHISE: Paving the way for water safety awareness with widespread franchise growth.

Author:McCuiston, Jenny

The beauty of franchising comes from the ability to reach a vast variety of communities with your brand's mission. For Goldfish Swim School, spanning nearly 90 locations across North America, this mission centers on preventing childhood drowning and promoting water safety awareness. The statistics are staggering, as drowning remains the number one cause of injury-related death among children ages 1 to 4, taking the lives of three children in the United States every day.

Switching Strokes

For Jenny McCuiston, mother of four and Co-Founder of Goldfish Swim School, swimming has been an evergreen aspect of life, starting at just three-years-old. Beginning in a gloomy swimming facility, she swore off any potential she could possibly gain from the odd environment of the lessons and instructor. However, McCuiston overcame all doubts as she pursued competitive swimming in high school and became an NCAA swimmer at the University of Arizona.

After her college career, McCuiston switched strokes and moved back home to Michigan, becoming a preschool teacher and getting married to her high school sweetheart, Chris. On the weekends, she began teaching swim lessons at a country club. She quickly incurred waiting lists for her classes, revealing the evident need for quality swim lessons throughout the community.

The Beginning of Goldfish Swim School

Combining their passions, Jenny and Chris decided to dive head-first into the launch of Goldfish Swim School in Birmingham, Michigan. At first, the duo traveled the country, learning from other swim school owners at several swim school conferences on how to best prepare for this endeavor. Opening with over 500 students enrolled, the business had grown to teach more than 2,000 students per week in just two years. The couple has sights on becoming the largest learn-to-swim school in North America. There are currently 128,000 students being taught per week.

More than Just a Business

For most entrepreneurs, the passion for starting a business can oftentimes be masked by the

ROI and financial stresses that can overtake the your original purpose. To start any successful business, it is vital to identify a problem that your concept will help solve. Goldfish Swim School tackles the devastating epidemic that too many parents across the United States unfortunately face each year. Families across the nation are going through the unimaginable during what is meant to be a very fun and exciting time as a family. Water safety...

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