Tuf protecting stuff.

Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa
Position:Arms and the woman

Keeping guns clean is a chore most shooters do not relish, but the chore has become much easier with the creation of new materials that make oil and silicon rags a thing of the past. Tuf-Cloth from Sentry Solutions is a long lasting, dry lubricant that will leave your customers' firearms lint-free.

Company info states, "Sentry's formula of non-toxic dry film corrosion inhibitors and lubricants provides a fast-drying, water-displacing, micro-bonding, crystal barrier against rust, friction and wear. The self-cleaning, waterproof shield will not attract dirt and is dry to the touch." Simply put, if your customer wipes a gun with a Tuf-Cloth after cleaning, it will be coated with a protective barrier that keeps the firearm looking factory fresh.

Mineral spirits carry the Tuf-Cloth's active ingredients and allow them to actually bond to metal, wood and most plastics. If the Tuf-Cloth ever needs a...

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