Trustee spotlight Mary Jo Green.

Position:Financial Executives Research Foundation

"These financial markets are very stressful," says Mary Jo Green, senior vice president and treasurer of Sony Corp. of America. FERF spoke with Green on a brisk morning in late October, when the Dow Jones Industrial Average opened down 500 points, and the U.S. dollar had dropped 3 percent against the Japanese yen.

"No one really anticipated what is happening in these markets," Green notes. "In the past, there was always at least one asset class that would do well, but now all asset classes are doing poorly, and there is nowhere to hide. This is a very unfortunate time."

Green has had a long history of FEL service and was volunteer chair form July 2004 to June 2005--the second woman volunteer chair in FEL history. She recently joined the FERF Board of Trustees, and serves on both the Audit and Development Committees. Green has been a long-time supporter of FERF, and Sony has been a member of the FERF President's Circle since 2003.

During fiscal 2005 when she was chair of FEI, Green had three goals:

1. Increase the number of treasurers joining FEI;

2. Increase the diversity of FEI membership; and

3. Develop new revenue sources for FEI.


Green says she is pleased with the organization's current focus on diversity, and she is now working with FEI and...

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