Trustee spotlight: Joseph G. DiLorenzo.

An FEI member since 1987, Joseph G. (Joe) DiLorenzo joined FEI when the now 98-year old Gorham Brigham Jr.--a member of the inaugural class of FEI's Hall of Fame--"implored me to get involved in professional and charitable endeavors as a way of giving back, in addition to becoming further networked."

Fast-forward to 2012 and DiLorenzo was chair of the Selection Committee for this year's Hall of Fame, which inducted four deserving financial executives in November. DiLorenzo has taken Brigham's advice--and with a passion. Brigham, along with legendary Boston Celtics Coach and President Arnold "Red" Auerbach, provided a source of professional mentoring for DiLorenzo, whose father had passed away just weeks before he graduated from high school.

DiLorenzo's career spans more than 30 years in the sports and entertainment industry, including more than 18 years with the Boston Celtics as chief financial officer and senior vice president of administration. In that role, DiLorenzo helped the team go public on the New York Stock Exchange and acquire Boston's Fox TV station (channel 25) and radio station WEEI. "We were clearly in the midst of a phenomenal run, with 16 championships in 40 years," he notes.

Prior to the Celtics, DiLorenzo had leadership roles with the Boston Garden/Boston Bruins organization for 11 years, where he started in the concession department in high school and ended as ticket manager for Boston Garden.

Since joining FEI, DiLorenzo has served in a number of leadership positions in Boston--FEI's largest chapter, with nearly 800 members. When serving as membership chair, for example, he credited his mentor Brigham with nurturing in him the goal of encouraging Boston-area financial executives to join FEI. "When I joined FEI, 80 percent of the chapter's members had joined because of the personal influence of Gorham."

DiLorenzo says that it is easy getting members to join, because he himself is sold on the value of FEI. "Without a doubt, the decision to join was the best professional decision I have made throughout my career," he says. He has experienced the value of membership he says, "from the peer-to-peer networking, to the ability to openly discuss topical issues from ethics to M&A experiences."

DiLorenzo is a self-described joiner--the ideal volunteer for organizations that need the help of talented professionals since he not only joins, he gets involved and has made a difference in every group he's been associated with.


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