'Trust but verify' when hiring a compliance trainer: 5 tips for success.

If you're hiring someone to train your staff on anti-harassment or other compliance issues--either in person or via Zoom--don't just assume everything will go smoothly. Here some tips from Phil Race, author of 2000 Tips for Trainers and Staff Developers:

1 Agree to things in writing. A friendly conversation over the phone may be difficult to recall weeks later. Put pen to paper and send a summary of your conversation and expectations to the visiting trainer.

2 Discuss in some detail the areas to be covered, and what the session title means. Talk through exactly what you both understand about the topics to be covered and explain what outcomes you expect from the training. Provide details. Examples can be very useful.

3 Review the handouts, and check when your presenter wants to distribute material. If handouts are supplied in advance, check whether it is intended that they should be...

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