Trump used to promote a Turkish format.

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"You have to see this," said Moving Pictures Media Group's Rene Leda to a VideoAge reporter at MIP-TV, taking him to view a billboard on the Croisette in Cannes, right in front of the Grand Hotel. It publicized one of the latest Global Agency formats from Turkey, Bring Your Fame Back, using President Donald Trump's caricature.

A second, and much larger billboard with the same image was posted on the side of a building on top of the Fred luxury store next to Louis Vuitton in Cannes.

A group of tourists convened at the billboard by the Grand Hotel, seemingly perplexed by the cryptic message, but nevertheless busy taking photos of the large poster.

The billboards received some attention on social media, too, although the comments were less than favorable: "What a disgrace," and "This is not right," among them.

But Global Agency's CEO Izzer Pinto, welcomed the criticism: "This is good, we're looking for controversy," told VideoAge.

According to Global Agency's official statement, the fact that President Trump is shown in the poster "as a street singer sitting in a corner of a wall in Mexico with a sombrero, added...

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