Trump's Mind, Mouth and Fecal Matters: Racism's Red Meat and Raw Sewage.

AuthorKarenga, Maulana
PositionGuest editorial - Editorial

The long history of racism of Donald J. Trump has come home to haunt him and to hold him up to a withering and rightful world-wide moral outrage, criticism and condemnation. And his vulgar and morally reprehensible offense must not be dismissed as normal and diminished as unimportant nor rightful criticism be diverted in other ways. On the contrary, this criticism must become an ongoing ever-present part of the overall resistance to his crude, cruel and destructive regime. Indeed, he has waded in the squalid swamp of racist comments and practice for decades, viciously attacking as citizen, candidate and president the various peoples of color: Africans, Native Americans, Latinos and Asians.

He has used against whole peoples words such as murderers, rapists, terrorists, drug dealers, AIDS carriers, hut-dwellers, and with extra self-indicting gall, abusers of women. He has indicted and banned Muslims, promised to build an apartheid wall to keep out undesirables, took out an ad to bring back the death penalty for four Black and Puerto Rican teens later found innocent, racially harassed Pres. Baraka Obama with birtherist claims that he wasn't a citizen, attacked Black athletes and activists for resisting racial injustice and police violence, and praised neo-Nazis and White supremacists as having "very fine people" among them.

However, not satisfied with offering repeated dog whistles and a regular diet of red meat racism to his hate-hungry base, Trump decided to add raw sewage as seasoning with his vile, vulgar and vicious attack on Haiti, Africa and El Salvador, calling them "s***hole countries".

This evil and infantile name-calling, so characteristic of Trump, rather than giving any accurate or usable description of them or their people, simply reveal more of the racist, foul, fetid and fecal matter that comes from his mind and mouth as he plays president and puts forth ideas and policies of various divisive, degrading and destructive kinds. It is also a reaffirmation of the unhinged character of his mind and emotions and points again to the danger he poses for the country and world.

Trump's racist attack was not simply on the countries as it was especially on the peoples targeted, indicted and attacked as unworthy of coming to and living in this country. Trump's stated preference is for people from Norway. Like the neo-Nazis and White supremacists who support him, he wants the Nordics not the Blacks and Browns to come and add more color and...

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