A true family business.

Author:Dehn, Tim
Position:Outdoor marketplace

Like many pioneers in the hunting industry, Garbow had to work a second job to support his family while investing profits into the growing business. His job as a letter carrier with the Post Office paid the bills, and after he married, his young children became his work force, All four of his daughters worked at labeling and filling bottles during their school years.

"I started working summers in the third or fourth grade," Bonnie Johansen said. "Actually, I started younger than that. I can remember watching cartoons--that's when we had an insect repellent--and Dad would come up from the basement and haul me downstairs so I could stir it for him."

"When we were real young, we worked real cheap, too," Dawn Phenix said. "Dad would pay us in colored paper we could draw on."

"Sure, we'd work 40 hours and get a ream of colored paper. It's...

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