Tristar features women-designed shotguns.

Author:Parsons-Wraith, Lisa
Position::Arms and the woman

Tristar Sporting Arms offers three models of shotguns designed for women: the Turkish-made Models 333L and 333SCL Spotting and the Italian-made Rizzini TR-L.

The Model 333L was introduced several years ago and set the design base for subsequent Tristar shotguns designed for women by a woman.

"When I worked at the Fajen Custom Shop, I took all the women's measurements from all the custom guns we made for women and averaged them to get the measurements for this gun," said Marry Fajen, former vice president of Reinhart Fajen.

The result is a shotgun that takes into account that women have longer necks, less shoulder mass and higher cheekbones than men. Its straight styling allows for this difference. The straight alignment with the barrel produces straight-back, into-the-shoulder recoil, instead of the up-and-back recoil women get when using a man's stock. This lessens the amount of felt recoil.

Because women's arms are usually shorter than men's, the Tristar ladies shotguns sport a 13 1/2-inch length-of-stock pull compared to the 14 1/2-inch pull on men's guns. Additional features include a 3-inch drop at the heel and 1/4-inch cast-off. This allows the female shooter to place the butt of the shotgun securely into her shoulder, and to get a sight picture without tilting her head.

The "toe out" feature moves the bottom edge of the stock buttplate 1/2-inch to the right, angling the toe away from the...

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