Triple threat: LWRC's REPR MKII delivers match-grade precision, gas-piston reliability and 7.62 nato power.

Author:Cumpston, Mike

In early 2017, LWRC took their 7.62x51 Rapid Engagement Precision Rifle to the next level. The REPR MK II still hews to the basic goal of the original-providing an ultra-reliable, easily maintained, multi-purpose battle rifle in a full-power service caliber.

But this version departs from the original by virtue of its overall length of 41 to 42 inches and its robust 10-pound, 12-ounce weight. The free-floated barrel is 20 inches long, made 2.5 inches longer by the SureFire muzzlebrake (which also serves as a suppressor mount). The barrel is deeply fluted for its full length in order to enhance heat dissipation. The section of the barrel behind the gas port measures a full inch in diameter. The visible portion of the barrel is 0.720-inch in diameter. The rifling pitch is 1:10 and the bore is treated with the nicorr/ferritic nitrocarburizing process to impart hardness and corrosion resistance.

The LWRC proprietary folding battle sights are fully adjustable with small and large rear aperture and capable (according to the manual) of adjustment out to 500 yards. The handguard is configured for mounting rails as needed. The receiver is made from 7075 aluminum alloy and has a 2-piece accessory top rail over the action and extending the full length of the handguard. Fire controls are ambidextrous and the charging handle has--in the MKII--returned to the traditional 12 o'clock Stoner position.

The heart of the rifle of course is the short-stroke gas-piston operating system. LWRC believes it is the key to an extended service life with simplified maintenance compared to a direct impingement rifle. It is undeniably cleaner running than a DI rifle and post-shooting examination revealed no evidence of carrier rock or any other sign the rifle had been fired beyond slight bluing wear on the charging handle. The original REPR had two gas port options: low for suppressor use and open for normal use. The MKII has a full 20-position adjustment range to fine-tune for environmental factors, weapon status and ammunition variations.

At the factory setting, the rifle ejected the cases straight out from the port indicating optimal adjustment for a piston AR. The bolt carrier system is nickel-teflon coated for permanent lubricity and ease of cleaning. The Geissele 2-stage trigger is non-adjustable. On our rifle it let off at 3 pounds, 14 ounces. The Magpul Industries Precision Rifle stock is adjustable for length and cheekpiece height and looks like it would be right at home at a Palma or F-Class event. LWRC provides two 20-round Magpul magazines with the package.

This limited edition of 500 units is finished in Dark Earth Tone Cerakote--a tough and attractive surface treatment.


Our scope was a newly introduced variation from Leupold designated the VX-3i LRP, with a 30mm main tube and 50mm objective. Our sample was a 6.5-20X (a 4.5-14X model is also available). It is a front-focal plane, side-focus scope with Tactical Milling Reticle. Crosshairs and stadia remain fine-line at full power, though they become more prominent with increased magnification. The scope is available with several options in regard to reticle and turret adjustment. The scope is bargain priced compared with other Leupola long-range tactical scopes with the goal of...

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