Tricks and (re)treats.

AuthorConley, Steve
PositionExit Strategies

As I head toward my final few issues of Strategies as co-executive editor, here's a sampling of names from the legal marketing community and related communities that I've run across in the past few years:

  1. Jennifer Bonesteel: What a great name for a business development specialist at a law firm! As everyone knows --or comes to realize--having a backbone made of steel really helps on any given day. (McKenna Long Aldridge, Washington, D.C.)

  2. Ashley Juge: Hard to leave off an LMA member with an almost-high-profile name for want of acquiring a "D" or two and disposing of a couple other letters. Anyone know a good M&A lawyer? (AXA Advisors, Denver)

  3. Lana Mnatsakanyan: Speaking of M&A, you need look no further than the first three letters of Lana's last name to know why this law firm operations manager is on the list. (Bryan Cave, Denver)

  4. Brooke Tebow: With a name like this, this defense attorney may have quite the following in legal marketing and beyond. After all, doesn't everyone want to "B. Tebow"? (Jones Otjen Davis Nixon & Gungall, Enid, Okla.)

  5. Kevin Cash: For the position of chief financial officer at a law firm, it would be tough to find someone whose name is better suited to keep the partners coffer's flush. (Baker-Hostetler, Cleveland)

  6. Amy Adams: A name so cool, this marketing director probably has to wear shades--at least if working on movie-related pitches. (Wilentz Goldman & Spitzer P.A., Woodbridge, N.J.)

  7. Susan Costley: Surely Susan's nickname is surely "effective," making her "Cost-effective-ley," and highlighting how every law firm marketing and business development director prefers to achieve results. (Smith Anderson, Raleigh, N.C.)

  8. James Wood(s): OK, we had to do some legal marketing math here--adding an "S" to keep our Hollywood connection intact. Or, if you prefer, just think of that added "S" as recognition of all the times you've gone above and beyond, leaving people thinking you had a big red "S" on your chest. (Bryan Cave, Los Angeles)

  9. Abigail Adams: If not for the crown-jewel name coming up, Abigail, a marketing/business development director, may have been the First Lady of this Legal Marketing list, namewise, at least. (Sherin and Lodgen, Boston)

  10. Kim Marcom: Someone please recruit Kim to the world of law firm marketing, because with a name like "Marcom," this graphic artist is the winner of this year's most-appropriate-name contest. One can only hope that someday she'll hyphenate and add Busdev. (North...

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