Tributes to the late Harold Isaacs, ATWS founder and JTWS editor: reflections on his life and legacy.

Author:Kline, Gary

The following thirteen papers were delivered on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at the Thirty-Third Annual Conference of ATWS in Quito, Ecuador. Each was read either by the author, or by a substitute ATWS member in cases where the author could not be present (in my case, for example). They reflect in small measure the profound sense of loss and gratitude felt by everyone who knew Harold Isaacs. Following these papers is a summary of tributes offered by association members who have formed the African Social Research Forum, smartly and beautifully expressed by Dr. Abdul Karim Bangura. Finally, readers will find assorted tributes and reflections sent in by friends and colleagues of Dr. Isaacs. In sum, this collection represents a fraction of the heartfelt outpouring of those who loved, admired, and benefitted from our late founder and editor.

It is now up to those of us who cherish his memory and his legacy, the ATWS and the JTWS, to find a path forward and ensure the continued vitality and relevance of this association (akin to a large family without any distinctions of race...

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