A tribute to our 25-year members.

The National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) thanks and honors the individuals listed below who have been members of the association for 25 years or longer. NEHA sincerely appreciates their commitment to the association and to the environmental health profession. NEHA asked a few of these members to describe the personal and professional benefits of their tenured membership with the association, as well as why they initially became a NEHA member. Quotes from these responses are sprinkled throughout the tribute.

"I think that the real benefit of NEHA membership has been what has been too casually termed as 'Networking.' My NEHA membership gives me access to the best and most respected experts on almost every conceivable subject matter; when I run into a problem, one of my first choices for consultation is almost always the NEHA staff or another NEHA member. My NEHA membership provides me with a prideful sense of being part of a proud professional group that has enhanced the quality of life for all of our communities."

Robert E. Harrington, MS, RS, DAAS


James M. Abbott, RS

Warren Abrahams, REHS, MSPH

Patrick T. Accardi

Karen L. Ahrendt, RS

Anthony C. Aiken

Irvin M. Allen, RS, REHS, LSS

David W. Alton, REHS-E

Herbert Anderson, RS

Kevin F. Anderson

Bennett H. Armstrong, RS

Thomas W. Ashton, CPSS, REHS

John D. Atkinson


John R. Bagby, Jr., PhD

John A. Baghott

Corey Bain

Jeffrey L. Bain

Denis L. Baker

Ned E. Baker, RS

Richard A. Baker

James J. Balsamo, Jr., MS, MPH, MHA, RS, CP-FS

John M. Barry, PhD

Myron Bateman

Dale M. Bates, REHS

Vance E. Baucom

Dennis J. Bauer, REHS/RS

Sidney G. Becnel, RS

Frank L. Bedey, RS

John E. Benko

Steve L. Berry, REHS, DAAS

Jackie L. Bethel, RS

Robert P. Bishop

James J. Blaha, MS

Rob G. Blake, MPH, REHS

Lee A. Bland

James D. Blaylock, REHS

Arthur W. Bloom

Dean Bodager, RS, DAAS, MPA

James J. Boddy, RS

Patrick O. Bohan, MSEH, MS, PhD, RS

David W. Boone, REHS

Robert T. Bowland

Nancy Bowser

David C. Breeding, PhD

Kevin P. Breen, MPH

Steven M. Breithaupt, RS

Robert E. Brewster, RS, LEHP, MPA

Corwin D. Brown

Robert C. Brown

Albert H. Brunwasser

Larry A. Bunn, REHS

Jackson C. Burgess

Thomas J. Butts, MSc, REHS, RHSP


Alfred B. Caisse, RS

John T. Callen, RS

Dennis P. Campbell, RS/REHS

Dorothy A. Campbell, RS

Jennifer R. Campbell

Robert J. Canning, RS

Lawrence L. Carlson, RS

Steven M. Carlson, Sr., MPH, REHS

William T. Carlson, REHS

Gregory Carmichael

John W. Carr

Harold D. Carrasquillo

Carl I. Carroll, REHS, MBA

Enid L. Carruth

Franklin B. Carver

Karen A. Casale, REHS

Ofelia C. Cavazos-Edmondson

Paula J. Champagne

Bruce R. Chelikowsky

Vickie L. Church, MPA, REHS

Bruce Clabaugh, RS

Richard F. Clapp, RS

Nancy M. Clark, REHS

Richard W. Clark, Jr., REHS

John W. Clayton, RS

  1. Dee Clingman

    Curtis Cloaninger

    L. Darrell Cochran

    Rodney L. Coker, RS

    Troy Cole, RS

    DDora M. Colema

    Gary E. Coleman, RS, DAAS, CP-FS

    Gordon C. Coleman

    Elwin B. Coll, RS

    Daniel E. Collins

    Gary A. Collins

    Gerald J. Collins

    William D. Compton, REHS

    David R. Conrad, RS

    Kenneth L. Conright, REHS

    Murray Cooper

    Ralls M. Coston

    Stanley R. Cowan

    Wayne T. Craney

    Alan M. Croft, REHS

    Thomas E. Crow, RS

    Kathi L. Crump

    Catherine W. Cummings, REHS


    John J. D'Agnese

    Ralph J. D'Aries

    Brian C. Dalshaug, REHS/RS

    John H. Dame, REHS

    Bruce D. Dart

    Trenton G. Davis

    Daniel De La Rosa

    Edward A. Deep, RS

    Howard M. Deer, PhD

    Vincent DeFilippo

    Joseph Del Ferro, RS

    Alan J. Dellapenna, Jr., RS

    James E. Devore, REHS

    Patricia Diamond

    Thomas E. Dickey, REHS

    James D. Dingman, REHS

    Michael J. Diskin

    Michael J. Doherty

    June B. Donato

    Henry A. Drake, RS

    Bernard Alan Dreher

    Ward C. Duel

    Thomas S. Dunlop, MPH, REHS

    Randall M. Durant, RS

    Richard W. Durrett, PhD, MPH, RS


    Diane R. Eastman

    Diane R. Eastman

    Douglas J. Ebelherr

    Thomas L. Edmonson, Jr.

    Fred Einerman, RS

    Amer El-Ahraf

    Terry L. Elichuk, RS

    Brian P. Emanuel

    William B. Emminger, Jr.

    Cheryl L. Engelman

    Christopher C. Etcheson, RS

    Bruce M. Etchison, RS

    Diane L. Evans


    John M. Fanning, REHS, MPA

    John W. Fee, III, RS

    Sheila P. Ferrell, RS

    Joseph W. Fiander, REHS

    Albert L. Fishback, RS

    Michael Fitzpatrick

    Michael D. Flanagan, REHS

    Raymond E. Ford

    Morris V. Forsting, REHS/RS

    Alain J. Fortier, CHMM, REHS

    Thomas M. Frank, RS

    Norman Franks, RS

    Allen J. Frechette, RS

    Peggy D. French, RS

    Gerald C. Fuhrmann, RS


    Frank A. Gabrian

    Jeanne M. Galloway, REHS/RS, CP-FS

    Galen W. Garst, Jr., MS

    Craig D. Gilbertson, RS

    Richard J. Gillaspy

    Ginger L. Gist, PhD

    Scott R. Golberg

    Scott M. Golden, RS, MSEH

    Francis J. Goldsmith, RS

    Maurice Goldstein, RS

    Frank C. Gomez

    Eugene T. Goode

    Larry J. Gordon, MS, MPH, DHL

    Charles R. Gossett, RS

    Harry E. Grenawitzke, Jr., RS, MPH, DAAS

    Karen A. Griffith, REHS

    Ron L. Grimes, RS, MPH, DAAS

    William Grizzle

    Steven F. Grover, REHS

    Paul E. Guenther, REHS/RS

    John G. Gurrisi

    John J. Guzewich, MPH


    Michael G. Halko, MS, RS, DAAS

    Earl E. Hallberg, Jr., RS

    John M. Halliwill, REHS

    Priscilla A. Halloran

    Michael C. Hanika

    Zachary J...

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