Tribute to master percussionist Manny Oquendo: January 1, 1932 March 25, 2009.


Latin Percussion has had a long illustrious history of having been associated with some of the greatest pioneers in the history of percussion. They are what inspired Martin Cohen to give birth to the company and what give voice to the instruments the company produces. Manny Oquendo was indeed one of those voices. Coming into prominence as a soloist on the timbal during the early 1960s with pianist Eddie Palmieri's La Perfecta, Manny was the leader for 35 years of Manny Oquendo & Libre, where he thrilled audiences not only with his timbal solos, but also with his bongo playing. On both instruments, Maestro Oquendo firmly based his playing in the tradition of being understated with restraint, a style which served two purposes, by first serving the band as an accompanist and second, by inspiring the dancers.


Manny was one of the pioneers of Latin music...

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