Trends in food prepared outside the home in some Asian countries

AuthorNazma Shaheen,Handewi P. Saliem,Le Hoa Nguyen,Sunniva Bloem, Hermanto,David Dawe,Nazmul Hassan,Roehlano Briones,Jikun Huang,Thi Thu Trang Truong,Nuttanan Wichitaksorn,A. Ganesh Kumar
Published date01 May 2019
Date01 May 2019
| World Food Policy. 2019;5:16–23.
DOI: 10.1002/wfp2.12001
Trends in food prepared outside the home in some
Asian countries
A.Ganesh Kumar6
Le HoaNguyen7
Thi Thu TrangTruong7
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1FAO Regional Office for Asia and the
Pacific, Bangkok, Thailand
2Philippine Institute for Development
Studies, Manila, Philippines
3Institute of Nutrition and Food Science,
University of Dhaka, Dhaka, Bangladesh
4Indonesian Center for Agricultural Socio-
Economic and Policy Studies (ICASEPS),
Jakarta, Indonesia
5China Center for Agricultural
Policy,School of Advanced Agricultural
Sciences,Peking University, Beijing, China
6Indira Gandhi Institute of Development
Research, Mumbai, India
7Division of Strategy and Policy
Study,Institute of Policy and Strategy
for Agriculture and Rural Development
(IPSARD), Hanoi, Viet Nam
8Department of Mathematical
Sciences,AUT University and Thailand
Development Research Institute, Bangkok,
9Research and Policy - Singhealth Duke-
NUS Global Health Institute, Singapore,
Urbanization and increasing income per capita in Asian coun-
tries are leading to an increasing opportunity cost of time
and increasing consumer demand for easier food preparation.
One manifestation of this shift in demand is an increase in
eating food prepared outside the home. The objectives of this
paper are (a) to gather and analyze data on trends in expen-
ditures on food prepared away from home and (b) to under-
stand how these trends might be affecting estimates of rice
consumption. The data from national household surveys of
seven countries (Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Philippines,
Thailand, and Vietnam and China) were analyzed. The re-
sults suggest a positive income elasticity of demand in urban
areas and for most countries in East and Southeast Asia, al-
though trends are different in South Asia. Eating out appears
to be more common in China and Southeast Asia than in
South Asia, even after controlling for income. Constructing
estimates of rice eaten outside the home is difficult, and bet-
ter data collection is essential as it becomes more common to
eat food prepared outside the home.
eating out, food expenditure, food prepared outside the home, middle‐
income Asian countries, rice consumption

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