Trends and Priorities Affecting the Government Workforce.

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Recruiting the right people is always a priority for governments, but it's more important than ever now because of a rapidly retiring workforce and strong job market. In a report titled The State of Human Capital Management in Government, Human Capital Management for Government summarizes survey responses about trends and priorities affecting the government workforce.

The top three talent management priorities among governments were:

* Recruiting employees who have the right skills for the job, 53 percent.

* Improving employee engagement, 52 percent.

* Identifying and closing skills gaps, 43 percent.

Respondents reported the following as the areas with the greatest need for staff development in their organizations:

* Succession planning, 36 percent.

* Continuous learning, and development, 28 percent.

* Strengthening the pipeline of talent to fill emerging gaps in the workforce, 24 percent.

* Use of technology systems and applications, 12 percent.

Governments are using the following strategies to boost engagement and morale:

* Employee recognition programs, 81 percent.

* Work from home options, 71...

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