"Trend Crimes" and the gun dealer.

Author:Ayoob, Massad
Position:Lethal Force

Customers come to you every day out of fear. Fear of what they read in the newspaper. Fear of what they watch on the 11 o'clock news. Fear of the terrible acts of violence they see on the street. Your job, in no uncertain terms, is to sell them confidence in the form of steel and lead.

Don't assume all of your self-defense customers have the same fears, however. With almost constant input from the media, your customers are becoming increasingly aware of various "trend crimes"; and, unfortunately, so are the criminals. As customers search for security at your handgun counter, are you ready and able to speak intelligently about today's trend crimes? Do you have the merchandise those customers need to combat today's more-and-more inventive and desperate street criminals?

This month, Massad Ayoob explores the most recent trend crimes and explains how gun dealers can make their own communities safe places to live while increasing their self-defense customer traffic.

If you have been selling guns for a while, you have undoubtedly noticed that citizens who are afraid of crime and seeking to buy defensive firearms are somewhere between a "significant part" of your business and the majority of it.

The more you know of your customer's motivation, the better you can serve him with good product and good advice. This means that you want to stay on top of crime trends in your local area. That puts you a step ahead of the customer in making sure you've anticipated his (or, as is more often the case, her) needs, and have the answer that add up to immediate sale.

Are burglaries up? Increase your stock of safes in various sizes. Consider adding a line of alarms. And make sure you have a full selection of home defense firearms -- along with some reliable gun locks to keep burglars from utilizing stolen guns immediately.

Is the pattern in your area turning from burglaries of unoccupied residences to home invasions? The difference is, if the family or any member of it is at home when the criminal makes his illegal entry, it has gone from burglary to home invasion -- from theft of property to reasonably perceptible danger to life and limb -- and the price of crime just went up considerably.

A customer who lives in a region where home invasions are all over the newspapers wants gun security devices that give quick access to a loaded gun. An impulse of fear has sent that customer to your shop, so you want a quality product in stock to satisfy the customer's needs...

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