Trembath, Don. Rooster.

Author:Wells, Annette
Position:Brief Article - Young Adult Review - Book Review

TREMBATH, Don. Rooster. Orca. 208p. c2005. 1-55143-261-7. $7.95. JS

Our first impression of Rooster Cobb, nicknamed for exuberantly waking up his parents in the mornings when he was a child, is provided by his high school English teacher, recently turned guidance counselor. She describes Rooster as a gifted writer with no manners or respect for adults or the system. He is in danger of not graduating, and as a last-ditch effort to get school credit through a service project, he is given an "assignment" to work with a four-member bowling team from Chamber House, a group home for mentally challenged adults. They need coaching to get ready for an upcoming Special Olympics. Rooster is surprised that the team wants to interview him; he simply plans to make a bad impression. To his surprise, he is chosen. He is not committed to this weekly task until one of the...

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