A Treasure in My Garden.

AuthorMillan, Naomi
PositionChildren's review - Book review

Work Title: A Treasure in My Garden

Work Author(s): Gilles Vigneault, author; Stephane Jorisch, illustrator; Michelle and Suzanne Campagne, transla

The Secret Mountain

Watercolor illustrations, 36 pages, Hardcover w/DVD $24.99

Children's Picture Book

ISBN: 9782923163147

Reviewer: Naomi Millan

Vigneault, a member of the Canadian Songwriter Hall of Fame, is hailed as one of Canada's most important music figures of the twentieth century, especially as a champion Quebecois folksinger. Here he collaborates with various other artists to fuse words, music, and images into a smart multimedia package full of wit and whimsy.

Most of the thirteen song-stories read as brief poems in the book, full of poetry's compressed and luminous language. "My Treasure" reads, "I set aside some clouds one day / In a corner of the sky / These old friends helped me find my way / And then we said goodbye." The DVD opens the thirteen stories into full songs. Each video clip employs a different visual style, from Claymation to computer graphics. The songs are interpreted by founding members of the folk/roots group Hart-Rouge and their spouses and children, all accomplished singers. The effect of the DVD is warm and loving, though...

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