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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Travel Technology Business News North America) Jan 13, 2013

Amazon Retailers settle bamboo-mislabeling claims. Amazon, Macy's and Sears have agreed to make payments and submit to compliance monitoring by the Federal Trade Commission to settle lawsuits alleging that the retailers sold rayon products mislabeled as eco-friendly bamboo. "Consumers expect that they will get what they pay for; here, they didn't," says Stuart Delery, head of the Department of Justice's civil division Jan 11, 2013

Amazon Amazon said to give away cloud space to boost CD sales. Amazon is expected to enable CD buyers to automatically store digital versions of the purchased tracks free of charge in the Amazon cloud, according to this report. The buyers will reportedly be able to access their tunes via a variety of Web-enabled devices, sources say. Jan 10, 2013

Amazon Amazon's use of "Appstore" is not false advertising. A U.S. district judge has dismissed Apple's claim that Amazon's use of "Appstore," versus Apple's "App Store," is confusing consumers to the point of representing a false ad claim. Whether "Appstore" is a trademark violation has yet to be determined. Jan 8, 2013

Amazon Amazon aims to prevent repeat of Christmas Eve video outage. Amazon Web Services' explanation for a technical glitch that took down Netflix on Christmas Eve came with an apology and a promise to institute fixes to prevent another video-streaming outage. "We know how critical our services are to our customers' businesses, and we know this disruption came at an inopportune time for some of our customers," Amazon said. Jan 7, 2013

Amazon Krikorian resigns from Amazon's board. Amazon director Blake Krikorian resigned from the company's board after a little more than a year to take a post at the unidentified company that is acquiring one of his startups, Amazon said Friday. "I've got some other things cooking and it just became time to leave," he said. Jan 6, 2013

Android Polaroid to showcase Android camera at retail Fotobar sites. Polaroid is opening at least 10 experimental Polaroid Fotobar retail shops with an emphasis on turning camera-phone imagery into something more valuable. The move complements a new Android-based camera that Polaroid is expected to introduce at the 2013 International CES. "Our answer to the meteoric rise of picture-taking and the [improved] quality of picture-taking is to establish a retail concept where you can see a product and make it into something special," says Warren Struhl, Fotobar founder and CEO. Locations will include New York, Boston and Las Vegas. Jan 8, 2013

Apple Sources: Apple works with Broadcom for 802.11ac Wi-Fi on Macs. The next generation of Macs reportedly will have 802.11ac wireless networking, thanks to chips being supplied by Broadcom, The Next Web reports, citing sources familiar with Apple's plans. The 802.11ac standard is often called 5G Wi-Fi to indicate its faster speed than existing 4G wireless technologies. Jan 8, 2013

Barnes & Noble Britain's Pearson to buy 5% of Nook Media. U.K.-based media company Pearson will acquire a 5% interest in Barnes & Noble's Nook Media, which includes the bookseller's digital operations as well as 674 U.S. college bookstores. Pearson, which owns publishing house Penguin and the Financial Times, will pay $89.5 million; earlier this year, Microsoft made a $300 million investment in Nook Media. Jan 6, 2013

Dell Dell markets reconfigured Windows tablet to small business. Dell is offering a lower-cost, trimmed-down version of its Latitude 10 tablet that it says is ideal for small and mid-sized businesses and educators. The Windows 8 device has most of the features of the full-price version and...

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