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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Travel Technology Business News North America) May 6, 2012

Advanced Micro Devices AMD to reduce its data centers by 75%, employing cloud services. Advanced Micro Devices plans to reduce its roster of global data centers from 12 facilities to three by 2014. The company intends to make up the difference in computing capacity from the consolidation by making more use of cloud-based services and upgrading its computer hardware. Apr 30, 2012

Amazon Webinar update: How to sell Amazon travel packages . If you are fascinated by the legendary Amazon, join ASTA at 2 p.m. ET May 17 for this webinar. It will provide all the information you or your clients will need to explore this enigmatic river and forest comfortably and safely. You will receive practical and expert information on how to sell travel to the Brazilian Amazon. Topics covered in the webinar will be: rules and obligations concerning vaccines and travel visas, flights, tours and accommodations in and around Manaus, the best time to travel, food and weather. This webinar is presented by Brazil Chapter President Robert Glen Phillips. Apr 30, 2012

Amazon Amazon reports higher revenue and operating costs for Q1. Amazon's revenue increased 34% in the first quarter compared with Q1 of 2011, though profit dropped 35% because of expansion costs. The online retailer continued to invest aggressively in building fulfillment centers, developing technology and expanding digital-media libraries. Apr 30, 2012

Apple Is this a prototype of the Apple HDTV set?. The Cult of Mac blog has published mock-up pictures of what it says is a prototype of Apple's forthcoming high-definition television set. The TV prototype is said to be "much bigger" than the company's LED Cinema Display monitors, with an iSight camera for FaceTime video-conferencing calls and the Siri virtual assistant that's also on the iPhone 4S. May 3, 2012

Apple The future of tap-to-pay technology. Caribou Honig, co-founder and partner at QED Investors, says smartphones that allow tap-to-pay transactions will become commonplace after Apple introduces the next iPhone, which will have near-field communication and a digital wallet. "The value will manifest as developers integrate wallet functionality with the other capabilities of the phone, and create novel apps that are nearly unforeseeable today," he writes. May 1, 2012

Apple Report: Apple's iOS accounts for 84% of U.S. mobile-gaming revenue. With the iPad, iPhone and iPod, Apple's iOS operating system dominates the mobile-gaming market, accounting for 84% of revenue among the 200 top-grossing games in online application stores in the U.S., according to Newzoo. Peter Warman, CEO of the market research firm, credited Apple's "seamless purchase experience" for the company's dominance over Android. May 1, 2012

Apple Apple wants to include Epix movies in TV service, sources say. Apple reportedly is negotiating with pay movie channel Epix to show its content on Apple's $99 set-top box. Epix, which is held by Viacom's Paramount Pictures, Lions Gate Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, has deals with DISH, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Netflix. Neither Apple nor Epix commented on the possible partnership. Apr 30, 2012

AT&T AT&T sees home monitoring as a billion-dollar business. AT&T will invest heavily in a home-monitoring service that will let smartphone, tablet and PC users track and control appliances, doors and other devices via a system of wireless sensors and cameras hooked up to an AT&T nerve center, the carrier says. Called "Digital Life," the system is an extension of AT&T's move into connected devices and a potential new source of revenue for the telecom. "When you're a company like AT&T ... you look at opportunities that are billion-dollar opportunities," said Glenn Lurie, the executive who is leading the project. May 1, 2012

AVG Technologies, Google Social networking becoming platform of choice for mobile malware delivery. Hackers are increasingly turning to social networking applications such as Facebook and Twitter to deliver malware to mobile device users, according to AVG Technologies' Q1 2012 Community Powered Threat Report. AVG said Google's Android platform is particularly susceptible to attack -- thanks to the platform's rapid market adoption -- and noted that the search giant removed more than 100 malicious apps from its Google Play store last year. Apr 30, 2012

Broadcom Broadcom adds 200-Gbps switching chips. Broadcom has introduced the BCM88650 series of switching chips, capable of operating at 200 gigabits per second. Serving as a packet processor and a traffic manager, the chip can be the base of a flat data-center fabric, this article notes, in stackable pizza-box switches or top-of-rack switches. May 2, 2012

Cornell University Mind-reading machine breathes new life into old video game. Students at Cornell University have found a way to make playing Pong more fun by using only their thoughts to control the game. Chuck Moyes and Mengxiang Jiang built a rudimentary EEG machine that translates alpha and mu brain waves into the signals necessary to control the game's paddles. Players can move the paddles by imagining moving their feet or by changing their concentration level. May 1, 2012

Dell Dell says XPS 13 exceeds shipment expectations. Dell, without revealing specific numbers, says its XPS 13 ultrabook is doing better than expected in terms of shipments, with sales more than double the company's prediction. Nearly half the sales have been to corporate customers. May 2, 2012

Dell Brands should amplify the positive, ex-Dell exec says. Dell's digital word-of-mouth program initially focused on finding unhappy customers and trying to give them a better experience, former Dell executive Caroline Dietz says. That's a valuable approach, but it's also important for brands to find happy customers, engage them and then amplify the positive buzz they're generating, Dietz says. May 1, 2012

Deloitte Middle-market firms say they're prioritizing cloud investments. Middle-market companies are increasingly looking to technology to give them the edge needed to streamline production and lower costs, according to a survey from Deloitte that found investment in IT is a priority for firms with annual revenues of between $50 million and $1 billion. The poll of 528 executives at midsize U.S. companies found a more pronounced desire to transition to cloud computing than prior reports, with the cloud now rivaling data analytics and business intelligence as a leading investment priority. May 3, 2012

EBay EBay beefs up iPad app with bar code scanning. The latest version of Buy and Sell with eBay, the online retailer's iPad application, offers new features including bar code scanning, better image quality and more options for personalization. The app also gives users access to more functions from the home page, the company says. May 4, 2012

Ethernet technology Industry alliance pushes the envelope on Ethernet development. The modern marvels of the Internet owe their existence to Ethernet technology, but managing the massive data demand of services such as cloud computing and social networking will require pushing networking beyond 100 GbE, says Scott Kipp, senior technologist at Brocade and president of the Ethernet Alliance. Industry forecasts predict there will be a zettabyte of information traveling through cyberspace in just the next three years. May 3, 2012

Facebook Facebook toots its mobile horn ahead of IPO. As Facebook steams toward its planned initial public offering, the social network on Tuesday sought to put the best face on its mobile prospects even though it is not generating much revenue in the sector. The company pointed to its various aggressive moves in wireless, including the recent purchase of photo-sharing application Instagram and its influence in driving members to mobile applications at other sites. "Facebook sent more than 160 million visitors last month to mobile apps [up from 60 million in late February]," the company said in a blog post. May 2, 2012

Facebook Can Facebook manage a team of millionaires? Facebook's initial public offering will leave about 1,000 people worth at least $1 million on paper, many of whom are employees of the social network. Experts say that managing a team of suddenly wealthy employees presents big challenges, and that the social network will have to convince workers that they're still at an important, cutting-edge company. "You want Facebook to be 'the next Facebook,'" says consultant Terry Flanagan. May 2, 2012

Globoforce Managers need new incentives as productivity lags. U.S. companies are finding it harder to increase productivity among existing workers, and some have maxed out tools such as technology. When all else fails, it may be time for managers to start recognizing their team members for their hard work, commitment and knowledge, writes Derek Irvine of Globoforce. "Simply telling employees their work is noticed, valued and appreciated can go a long way to solving" workforce challenges, Irvine writes. May 3, 2012

Google Jury deadlocks on fair use but says Google violated Oracle copyrights. Despite almost a week of deliberation, a federal jury in California has failed to return a decisive judgment in the first phase of the intellectual property dispute between Oracle and Google. While the jurors found Google had infringed some Oracle's Java copyrights, it was unable to determine whether Google's action fell under the "fair use" doctrine. Oracle is seeking at least $1 billion in damages in the case, which now enters its second phase. May 3, 2012

Google Jury finds Google violated Oracle Java copyrights, deadlocked on fair use question. Despite almost a week of deliberation, a federal jury in California has failed to return a decisive judgment in the first phase of the intellectual property dispute between Oracle and Google. While the jurors found Google had...

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