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New York (AirGuideBusiness - Travel Technology Business News North America) Apr 29, 2012

Advanced Micro Devices AMD to reduce its data centers by 75%, employing cloud services. Advanced Micro Devices plans to reduce its roster of global data centers from 12 facilities to three by 2014. The company intends to make up the difference in computing capacity from the consolidation by making more use of cloud-based services and upgrading its computer hardware. Apr 23, 2012

Amazon Webinar update: How to sell Amazon travel packages . If you are fascinated by the legendary Amazon, join ASTA at 2 p.m. ET May 17 for this webinar. It will provide all the information you or your clients will need to explore this enigmatic river and forest comfortably and safely. You will receive practical and expert information on how to sell travel to the Brazilian Amazon. Topics covered in the webinar will be: rules and obligations concerning vaccines and travel visas, flights, tours and accommodations in and around Manaus, the best time to travel, food and weather. This webinar is presented by Brazil Chapter President Robert Glen Phillips. Apr 23, 2012

Amazon Amazon reports higher revenue and operating costs for Q1. Amazon's revenue increased 34% in the first quarter compared with Q1 of 2011, though profit dropped 35% because of expansion costs. The online retailer continued to invest aggressively in building fulfillment centers, developing technology and expanding digital-media libraries. Apr 23, 2012

Apple Engineers call parity issues a hurdle to IPv6 implementation. A lack of IPv4/IPv6 feature parity is keeping some vendors from adding support for the next-generation Internet protocol to new products, according to engineers in charge of administering the transition. The issue was brought to the forefront by Apple's recent decision not to add support for IPv6 to Version 6.0 of its AirPort Utility wireless-configuration solution. Apr 27, 2012

Apple Apple defies skeptics with huge iPhone sales. Apple Apple defies skeptics with huge iPhone salessoared past analysts' expectations, reporting on Tuesday a nearly 60% increase in sales and a 94% rise in profits in its fiscal second quarter compared with a year earlier. The company sold 35.1 million iPhones, many of them in China, where sales jumped 400%. Analysts had feared lower-priced rivals would eat into iPhone sales, but the report "shows they are able to maintain their pricing without compromising on growth," said Michael Holt, a Morningstar analyst. Sales of iPads grew 151% to 11.8 million units. Verizon Wireless and AT&T together sold 7.5 million iPhones and are prospering from data services sold through the smartphone. Apr 25, 2012

Apple Analysts: Cheaper ultrabooks won't dent sales of the MacBook Air. Ultrabook computers priced around $700 are not expected to provide much competition for Apple's MacBook Air model, since they will have smaller displays and hard-disk drives instead of solid-state drives, according to IHS iSuppli. Later this year, higher-priced ultrabooks will have touch screens and Intel's "Ivy Bridge" processors, but so will the MacBook Air, the market research firm noted. Apr 25, 2012

Apple Apple rides China demand to strong second quarter. Apple trounced Wall Street earnings forecasts for its fiscal second quarter, reporting profit of about $11.6 billion on revenue of about $39.2 billion thanks in part to strong demand for iPhones in China. The company sold 35.1 million iPhones during the three months ending March 31, with sales of products and services in China accounting for roughly 20% of total company revenue. "It was an incredible quarter in China. It is mind-boggling that we could do this well," said CEO Timothy D. Cook. Apr 25, 2012

Apple The future of tap-to-pay technology. Caribou Honig, co-founder and partner at QED Investors, says smartphones that allow tap-to-pay transactions will become commonplace after Apple introduces the next iPhone, which will have near-field communication and a digital wallet. "The value will manifest as developers integrate wallet functionality with the other capabilities of the phone, and create novel apps that are nearly unforeseeable today," he writes. Apr 24, 2012

Apple Apple wants to include Epix movies in TV service, sources say. Apple reportedly is negotiating with pay movie channel Epix to show its content on Apple's $99 set-top box. Epix, which is held by Viacom's Paramount Pictures, Lions Gate Entertainment and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, has deals with DISH, Microsoft's Xbox 360 and Netflix. Neither Apple nor Epix commented on the possible partnership. Apr 23, 2012

AT&T New smartphone technology from AT&T could make house keys obsolete. Engineers at AT&T Labs are pioneering new smartphone technology that could one day enable homeowners to unlock their front door simply by gripping the doorknob. According to Brian Amento, an AT&T computer scientist, the system will work by delivering an acoustic pulse from a piezoelectric transducer embedded in a smartphone to one installed in the door lock by traveling through a person's skeleton, creating a potentially unique frequency based on that person's bones. "If the signal goes through my body, it degrades in a different way than if it goes through your body," Amento said. Apr 24, 2012

AVG Technologies, Google Social networking becoming platform of choice for mobile malware delivery. Hackers are increasingly turning to social networking applications such as Facebook and Twitter to deliver malware to mobile device users, according to AVG Technologies' Q1 2012 Community Powered Threat Report. AVG said Google's Android platform is particularly susceptible to attack -- thanks to the platform's rapid market adoption -- and noted that the search giant removed more than 100 malicious apps from its Google Play store last year. Apr 23, 2012

Broadcom Broadcom adds 200-Gbps switching chips. Broadcom has introduced the BCM88650 series of switching chips, capable of operating at 200 gigabits per second. Serving as a packet processor and a traffic manager, the chip can be the base of a flat data-center fabric, this article notes, in stackable pizza-box switches or top-of-rack switches. Apr 25, 2012

Dell Dell says XPS 13 exceeds shipment expectations. Dell, without revealing specific numbers, says its XPS 13 ultrabook is doing better than expected in terms of shipments, with sales more than double the company's prediction. Nearly half the sales have been to corporate customers. Apr 25, 2012

Dell Brands should amplify the positive, ex-Dell exec says. Dell's digital word-of-mouth program initially focused on finding unhappy customers and trying to give them a better experience, former Dell executive Caroline Dietz says. That's a valuable approach, but it's also important for brands to find happy customers, engage them and then amplify the positive buzz they're generating, Dietz says. Apr 24, 2012

Emory University Hospital Lax security blamed for major data breach at Emory Healthcare. Officials at Atlanta's Emory Healthcare say they are no closer to discovering the whereabouts of 10 backup disks containing information on 315,000 patients -- including 228,000 Social Security numbers -- that disappeared in early February from an unlocked cabinet at the Emory University Hospital. The breach -- which analysts say underscores the problem of lax data security at many medical facilities -- encompassed almost 17 years of surgical data from several Emory facilities and has led the company to institute "new and enhanced data-control measures." Apr 23, 2012

Ethernet technology Industry alliance pushes the envelope on Ethernet development. The modern marvels of the Internet owe their existence to Ethernet technology, but managing the massive data demand of services such as cloud computing and social networking will require pushing networking beyond 100 GbE, says Scott Kipp, senior technologist at Brocade and president of the Ethernet Alliance. Industry forecasts predict there will be a zettabyte of information traveling through cyberspace in just the next three years. Apr 26, 2012

Expedia Expedia Reports $3.3 Million Loss Despite Increased Revenue . Expedia reported a net loss of $3.3...

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