Travel Tech: Playing It Safe With Security.

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Travel Tech: Playing It Safe With Security

For most business travelers laptops and PDAs contain more sensitive personal and work information than the filing cabinets kept under lock and key at home and the office. The mere thought of this information getting into the wrong hands is enough to send cold shivers down anyone's back, yet many don't even take the simplest precautions. Here are some things to think about before you hit the road.

Protect Yourself When Using Wireless Hotspots

When you're logging on at wireless hotspots, consider the fact that the guy sitting next to you could easily walk away with your sensitive information. Most public hotspot providers don't use encryption because it makes it more difficult for users to gain access, so all information you pass on a wireless connection is subject to sniffers. For instance, a news channel crew in Colorado recently sent a tech team and a reporter to the Denver airport to prove how easy it is to steal sensitive information. An unsuspecting business traveler ended up a headliner when they were able to access his cell phone, social security, bank and credit card numbers in mere minutes. If you don't want to be the star of such a story, make sure you're using Virtual Private Network software. VPNs encrypt everything you send. If you don't have VPN software through your company, check out HotSpotVPN. The site offers subscription-based VPN service to protect your computer as well as PDAs for less than $9.00 per month.

Reduce The Threat And The Consequences Of Laptop Theft

The most likely place that your laptop can be lifted is at the airport, particularly when you go through security....

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