Travel Security Update April 2005.


Passport rule could "disrupt the honest flow of traffic". President Bush said that he had ordered Homeland Security officials to reconsider a new rule that would require U.S. citizens reentering the country from destinations such as Canada and Mexico to show passports. Bush said he was concerned the requirement could "disrupt the honest flow of traffic" across borders. Experts say the rule could discourage families from traveling to Canada, particularly for short trips to places such as Niagara Falls. Apr 18, 2005

Passport proposal concerns some travelers. A proposal that would require U.S. citizens returning from Canada and Mexico to flash their passports has drawn mixed reviews from travelers. Travelers must only show their driver's license when reentering the U.S. Some say getting a passport is too complicated, and others say the proposed rule would cause delays at border crossings. The guidelines are part of an effort to keep terrorists out of the U.S. and would be fully effective in 2008. Apr 8, 2005

TSA again faulted for excessive spending in government report. Excessive spending has continued at the Transportation Security Administration, according to a new government report. The TSA recently discovered some employees had made unusual payments to vendors, the Washington Post reports. A spokesman said the TSA's new management structure would help prevent future incidents. The report by the Department of Homeland Security inspector general blamed management for "waste and abuse."

Apr 20, 2005


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