Travel News March 2005.


Long luggage lines could be terrorist target. Long lines of travelers waiting to check or retrieve their luggage are tempting targets for terrorists, the Los Angeles Times editorial board writes. A Rand study indicates the lines are vulnerable, but also notes the problem could be easily fixed. In the meantime, passengers should use check-in kiosks, pack light and consider alternative airports.

Mar 28, 2005

The travel, transport and leisure sectors are in fora tough year, according to BDO Stoy Hayward's Industry Watch report. Some 496 businesseswill fail in 2005 according to the report. This equates to 1.1% of companies in the sector. Last year the sector had 458 bankruptcies and looking forward 2006 isexpected to be even worse. Only thestruggling manufacturing industry has a worse record.

Mar 28, 2005

FAA sees airline passenger traffic back to pre-Sept. 11 levels in 2005. The Federal Aviation Administration predicts airline passenger traffic will return to pre-Sept. 11 levels this year. Traffic will rise 5.2% in 2005, the FAA said, and by 2015, the number of passengers served annually is expected to increase to more than 1 billion. The increase raises concerns about airport congestion and delays.

Mar 18, 2005

Airlines offer private jet service to keep elite travelers. Major airlines are partnering with private jet companies in hopes of winning back elite fliers, the Wall Street Journal reports. Lufthansa has teamed with private jet company NetJets to offer connecting flights, and Delta Air Lines' AirElite unit, which offers private jet service, now offers travelers more frequent flier benefits.

Mar 10, 2005

Smokers of the world be warned. It's getting more difficult to have a puff if you fly, even when you get off the aircraft. With most airlines now banning the use of the weed on flights the US Transportation Security Administration, responding to a congressional order, has now banned passengers from carrying butane, battery powered or other lighters on themselves or in carry-on bags after April 14. Wooden matches that can be struck on a hard surface are already banned but passengers will still be allowed to pack up to four matchbooks inside carry-on luggage.

Mar 6, 2005

Booming economy fuels expanding air travel in India. An expanding economy and a growing middle class is fueling India's booming airline industry, the Wall Street Journal reports. Experts say India's air traffic will grow to 50 million people by 2010, up from 19 million expected this fiscal year. Jetmaker Boeing believes sales of new planes to Indian companies could be worth $35 billion during the next two decades.

Mar 3, 2005

Growing middle class, deregulation bring discount airlines to Asia. Discount airlines are sprouting up across Asia, eager to serve the growing middle class, the Wall Street Journal reports. The new airlines are lowering fares, with one-way tickets as low as $12. Most of the airlines provide no-frills service.

Mar 2, 2005

The next Southwest...

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