Travel News June 2005.


Airlines expect packed planes over July Fourth holiday. Travelers should expect a busy Fourth of July weekend, with some planes more than 80% full, The Wall Street Journal reports. About 200 million passengers will fly this summer, according to the Air Transport Association. However, some airlines still have specials available on their Web sites for seats that have not yet sold. Jun 30, 2005

For disabled, speedy technology an inconvenience. Technology has sped up the reservation and airport check-in process for most travelers. However, travelers with mobility, visual and hearing impairments continue to face long lines at airports and hotels because they are unable to use kiosks, The New York Times reported. Jun 28, 2005

Packed planes, weather delays expected this summer. Travelers should prepare to face lengthy flight delays this summer, The Dallas Morning News reported. Planes are expected to be packed with travelers, and summer thunderstorms could interrupt operations. Each day in June, July and August, 1.7 million passengers board a plane. That's about 300,000 more travelers than the average for other months in the year, according to the Air Transport Association. Jun 27, 2005

Record number of travelers expected over July Fourth weekend. A record number of Americans, 40.3 million, will travel more than 50 miles from home July Fourth weekend, AAA announced in its holiday travel forecast. That number would top Thanksgiving travel and represents a 2.8% increase over last year's Independence Day weekend, a AAA official said. Jun 24, 2005

Markets see airline fares increase. Airlines have increased airfares in many markets, but most large carriers raised round-trip fares by only $10, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported. Airlines hope it will help compensate for higher fuel prices. The Air Transport Association reported fares slightly increased in May, the first increase in nine months. Jun 24, 2005

Airline travelers say dressing up isn't worth the effort. Some airline travelers hope dressing down will help them speed through airport security, The New York Times reported. Travelers are leaving their belts, jackets and heavy jewelry at home and are wearing easily removable footwear like loafers and flip-flops. Jun 23, 2005

Survey: Most Web shoppers start travel search with agency sites. Nielsen/NetRatings' Quarterly Travel Benchmarking Survey found 54% of online travel buyers begin their search at a travel agency Web site, but when it comes time to book flights, buyers are evenly divided between agency and airline sites. Airline sites were better able to convert shoppers to buyers, but the broader selection offered by agency sites drew more would-be travelers to those sites to do their preliminary research. Jun 23, 2005

Four largest American carriers increase fares. The four largest...

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