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New York (AirGuide - Travel Health Watch) Apr 15, 2012

Default, reusable passwords make hackers' jobs easier The recent admission by officials that the Utah Department of Health'Default, reusable passwords make hackers' jobs easiers major network breach was caused by an authentication error serves as further proof that organizations still suffer from what one expert calls "the curse of the reusable password." According to security specialists like John Pescatore, an analyst from Gartner, weak authentication practices -- such as relying on default passwords or using the same one for personal and business accounts -- amounts to an open invitation for hackers. Apr 13, 2012

Delta Air Lines Delta Passengers Not Exposed To Bat Rabies. A bat swooping around the passenger cabin during a Delta Air Lines flight last August may have been unnerving for passengers, but there is no evidence anyone was exposed to rabies, a federal health agency said on Thursday. The bat in question flew into the cabin of a Delta flight from Madison, Wisconsin, to Atlanta that had 50 passengers and three crew members aboard, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said in report. When the bat flew into the plane lavatory, a passenger closed the door, trapping it, CDC veterinarian Danielle Buttke said. The pilots then returned to Madison and passengers disembarked. Maintenance crew members tried to capture the bat so it could be tested for rabies, but it flew out of the lavatory when the door was opened and then out the plane's cabin door. It eventually left the airport terminal through automatic doors, Buttke said. Because the bat had not been tested for rabies, the CDC interviewed 45 of the passengers and all three crew members. None had any physical contact with the bat or exposure to its saliva, the CDC said. Five passengers were never located for interviews. "I would say there is no evidence (of rabies exposure)," Buttke said. But he added, "I don't think we can be certain." She said that most of the passengers were "very good natured" about the incident. "As a whole, I was very impressed with everyone's behaviour and how calm they were," Buttke said, saying the flight's delay and possibly missed connections might have caused more passenger ire. In 2010, about 6 percent of bats captured for testing were infected with rabies, the CDC said. A bat seen active during daylight or in an area bats are not normally found, such as an aircraft cabin, should be tested for rabies as a precaution. Apr 12, 2012

Las Vegas Las Vegas finds medical tourism a prescription for new revenue. For Las VeLas Vegas finds medical tourism a prescription for new revenuegas, medical tourism is just what the doctor ordered to help the local economy and boost revenue for casino resorts. "Medical tourism has been on Southern Nevada's radar for more than a decade, but only recently have the medical community and the tourism industry coordinated efforts well enough to begin turning the concept into reality," Richard N. Velotta writes. Apr 11, 2012

Lufthansa, Boeing Fur Flies in High-Stakes Airlifts of Animals by Lufthansa. An African white rhinoceros peers through the bars of its Frankfurt compound, while across the floor a Madagascan chameleon inches around its vivarium and an Andean alpaca plucks hay from a bale. ItOs not a scene from the cityOs zoo but from Deutsche Lufthansa AG (LHA)Os Animal Lounge, a state-of-the-art complex thatOs at the center of the German carrierOs plans to dominate the most specialized part of the $66 billion air-cargo industry. Lufthansa, Air France-KLM (AF) Group and Dubai-based Emirates, which transports thoroughbreds for Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, horseracingOs leading owner, are competing in a high- stakes market. Premium profit margins come with the risk of an in-flight death involving a beloved family pet, top-ranked stallion or priceless panda. OItOs not like pharmaceuticals, where your main concern is the temperature,O said Animal Lounge Director Axel Heitmann. OIf a bag of fish leaks it needs replacing with the right kind of water and the right oxygen. And if something goes wrong you canOt just hand a customer $1,000 and tell him to buy another pet. He wants the dog or cat heOs had for 10 years.O LufthansaOs Frankfurt (FRA) facility handled 110 million creatures of various varieties last year, four million more than the number of human passengers carried by the airline and its units, though the total was swollen by 80 million tropical fish and 300 tons of worms, including live bait for anglers. Dogs to Detroit Among larger guests, the Cologne-based companyOs annual roster typically includes 14,000 dogs and cats, 8,000 pigs, 2,000 horses and about 150 zoo animals. So far this year the latter have included a pygmy hippo, half a dozen penguins, two pancake tortoises and a pair of beavers, as well as five rhinos. While animal freight makes up only 1 to 2 percent of LufthansaOs total cargo revenue, the margins on carrying beasts...

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