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Apr 14, 2008

Felix Romuliana, today Gamzigrad, arose on a broad plain under Gaius Valerius. It is believed that the Roman city was also a bishop's seat after the empire's conversion to Christianity. Gamzigrad was entered on the UNESCO list of world heritage sites in 2007. Naisus was the birthplace of Emperor Constantine the Great, who declared Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire. A comprehensive brochure including a map details in English and Serbian the various sites along the Itinerarium Romanum culture route in Serbia. For more information, visit Apr 11, 2008

Serbia is promoting tourism along the Itinerarium Romanum culture route, which follows the trail of Roman emperors through eastern and southeastern Europe centering around Roman fortifications, cities and forts. The Danube long marked Rome's northern frontier, and no fewer than 16 emperors were born in the region. The Itinerarium Romanum starts out from Aquincum, now within the city limits of Budapest, and runs along and near the Danube through southeast Europe to the Black Sea and Greece. In Serbia alone, seven ancient sites are located along the route of emperors. Sirmium, today Sremska Mitrovica, was once capital of the Roman province of Pannonia and a refuge for early Christians. Singidunum, which was the predecessor of present-day Belgrade, was in fact built by the Romans on the location of a Celtic settlement and experienced its heyday under Emperor Flavius in the fourth century. Viminacium was famed not only as a city but as a military base. Parts of the once prosperous city have been excavated, giving visitors a vivid insight into Roman life along the Danube. Apr 11, 2008

The contract for development of a canal linking Bucharest and the Danube will be offered in an auction scheduled for September, according to Romania's minister for transportation, Ludvic Orban. A feasibility study will be carried out prior to the contract being granted. According to Constanta Waterway Channels Administration, completion of the project will require investments in the amount of 450 million euros. The canal will connect the Romanian capital directly with the Danube. The latest editions of the Danube Tourist Commission's guides to cruises, excursions, yachting and special events on and along the Danube are now available. The guide to cruises on the Danube and Main-Danube Canal lists offers from 13 different tour operators in Austria, Germany and...

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