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New York, Geneva (AirGuideBusiness - Travel Business News Africa / Middle East) Jan 22, 2012

Dar es Salaam, Uganda Dar es Salaam to spend 5 billion Uganda shilling for tourism development. The government in Dar es Salaam, Uganda, launched yesterday an ambitious 5-year tourism development plan, thought to cost them a cool 5 billion shillings (a little over USD2 million) over the time span. The new outlook aims at developing beach tourism, in comparison to Kenya, largely underdeveloped as yet in spite of having over 1,400 kilometers of shoreline between the border to Kenya and the border to Mozambique. In general, Tanzania plans to make greater use of resources and assets like national monuments, in addition to national parks and game reserves. Tourism and Natural Resources Minister Ezekiel Maige made the announcement in Dar es Salaam, making it clear that Tanzania is intent to add greater resort capacity along the beaches, on the islands off shore, and in safari parks, to attract more tourist visitors in the coming years. The minister also spoke of plans to create regional tourist boards or offices, affiliated to, and to support, the work done by Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB), specifically promoting tourism attractions within their own region and locations. The minister, in particular, also pointed to the underexploited national monuments and museums where the history of Tanzania is captured, along the coast and also inland, which should be included in the tourist itineraries, telling in particular the stories of the slave trade, which was prevalent along the coast and on Zanzibar with at times remarkable well-preserved sites. Jan 16, 2012

Discover Tanzania Tour TanzaniaOs U.S. Ambassador to Lead VIP Tou. TanzaniaOs Ambassador to the United States, Mwanaidi S. Maajar, will lead a small group of business executives on a Discover Tanzania tour, June 22 to July 3. It will be the second such VIP tour, a follow-up to last yearOs successful group tour led by the ambassador. The itinerary will showcase TanzaniaOs natural and cultural attractions and explore business and investment opportunities. The VIP Safari will also include two exclusive dinners, one in Dar es Salaam with guest of honor Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, president of the United Republic of Tanzania; and the second in Zanzibar with guest of honor Dr. Ali Mohamed Shein, president of Zanzibar. Maajar will show the tourOs participants the potential for profitable foreign investment in the country through tourism, energy, agriculture, infrastructure, transportation and mining. According to Maajar, Tanzania is rich in natural resources and natural wonders, including world-renowned tourist attractions (Serengeti National Park, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater and the spice islands of Zanzibar). It is a prime geographical location (six landlocked countries depend on Tanzanian ports). And it offers abundant arable land; a skilled labor force; warm, friendly people; and assurance of safety.O On Dec. 9, 2011, Tanzania celebrated its 50th anniversary as a peaceful and stable democracy. Jan 18, 2012

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