Transportation Institute.

PositionINDUSTRY MEMBERS--Chairman's Circle.

Transportation Institute

5201 Auth Way, Camp Springs, MD 20746 301-423-3335 * * @trans_inst

James L. Henry, Chairman & President 301-423-3335 *

Richard Berkowitz, Vice President, Pacific Coast Operations 206-443-1738 *

Sara Fuentes, Vice President, Government Affairs 301-423-3335 *

The Transportation Institute was established in 1967 as a Washington-based, non-profit organization dedicated to maritime research, education, and promotion. The Institute's member companies participate in all phases of the nation's deep sea, foreign, and domestic shipping trades, as well as barge and tugboat operations on the Great Lakes and 25,000 mile network of America's inland waterways. All vessels are of US registry--crewed by American citizens operating under the world's highest safety standards, and proudly flying the American flag. Not only do member companies manage the reserve fleet of military cargo vessels, many member company vessels are contracted to the US military services. With offices on the east and west coasts, Transportation Institute supports a wide range of programs that promote the strength of America's capability.

For 50 years, Transportation Institute has been developing and studying programs and policies to maintain and strengthen the US flag Merchant Marine. To accomplish its mission, Transportation Institute focuses on promoting the following programs:

Jones Act: Transportation...

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