Author:Varkonyi, Irvin


* Transportation Academy included eight blocks of sessions, more than 70 classes and attracted over 3,300 attendees.

* Sessions averaged six to ten classes and 420 attendees.

* The largest session was day one, block two at 562 attendees.

* Many classes were standing room only, especially in the smaller rooms (our apologies!)

* The largest class, Transportation Management Systems, held during the last block of classes, had nearly 300 attendees.

* Our technology sessions attracted great interest given how encompassing technology is in supporting transportation and logistics.

* Contracting and new systems requirements attracted large audiences.

* Twenty-two attendees registered to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) offered by Northern Virginia Community College.

* Some 120 instructors from the public and commercial sectors shared their expertise.

* The Instructor who came the furthest was from Germany (Jason Trubenbach, US Army Europe G4).


"Being able to focus on innovations. It was very intriguing seeing it all come together."

--CMSgt Andrea Immon, 92nd Logistics Readiness Squadron, Fairchild AFB

"We're a proud member of NDTA. This was a good meeting. I attended the writing proposal for contracts. They encouraged us to jump in the water and engage in contracts. The water is fine."

--Adam Petersen, American President Lines

"Attending the Special Forces class was of interest to me as I work on C-130s. We work in austere locations. It's important to learn more about forecasting Special Forces' needs. It's information that I can take back to the field."

--SMSgt William Ellsworth, MacDill AFB

"The Blockchain session was very enlightening. Offered by the Blockchain Transportation Alliance, it was a very good review of Blockchain capabilities. It's too early to tell how government will be impacted. There's a lot of opportunity to preserve data. The rate of adoption of blockchain is important in the discussion."

--Megan Manning, SDDC, Scott AFB

"I attended Cybersecurity--Cybersecurity at DOD goes hand in hand with the civilian sector. Hearing this in the class reinforced those actions that we can take to strengthen cyber security. It was refreshing to

hear this topic on the first morning."

--MSgt Bryan Lsham, MacDill AFB

"The NDTA annual conference has been an exceptional opportunity for members of industry to come together and collaborate. What I found beneficial in the sessions thus far is...

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