TranslinkeD: get involved with the Chamber's latest initiative.

Author:Roy, Melissa
Position:Government Relations - Detroit Regional Chamber - Conference news

As the heart of the automotive supply chain and the most valuable North American trade entry point, the Detroit Region depends on an effective and integrated infrastructure system to support our economic base. Our future transportation system must meet The needs of an evolving automotive industry and shifting North American trade routes to efficiently move people, goods and information. That system necessitates a strategic transportation vision from the business community as a basis for advocacy and business development.

Recognizing this, the Chamber announced the creation of TranslinkeD during the 2008 Mackinac Policy Conference. Below are several ways Chamber members can get involved in the initiative. To get involved, contact Melissa Roy at (313) 596-0409 or visit



The advisory group serves as a guide for the TranslinkeD initiative. Members determine what primary issues and programs Translinked should pursue, review progress on those issues and programs and set annual goals.

Workforce & Education

Implement a logistics ft supply chain internship ft apprentice program. Assemble a marketing ft communication strategy on the logistics workforce ft education resources in Michigan--possibly through a centralized system. Roll out to Chamber members, logistics,...

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